Torn Alex Lim


Alex Lim is a fashion photographer based in Seattle with availability around the US. Alex delved into photography shortly after leaving college in 2005, & has quickly developed a loyal following.

Clientele range from top shelf modelling agencies, spas, salons, & boutiques, to luxury brands like Breitling.

Coming from a martial arts background, he brought with him the discipline & values learned over 20 years of dedicated training, such as respect, integrity, patience, & perseverance. Self-taught & driven to improve, he is never satisfied nor content, constantly seeking to expand his abilities & excel. He is inspired by music, nature, love, & self-made individuals, & believes passion is the lifeblood of success. His signature ‘wing’ logo is a self-reminder that through the sweat, tears, & blood spent in hard work, one can ‘take flight’ to greater heights.

Travel & world culture have played strong roles in Alex’s development, thus he feels it is a necessity to incorporate ethnic minorities & cultural influences into his work whenever possible. Half-Chinese/half-German, he idealizes the ‘melting pot’ concept, & strives to capture all forms of beauty. He also feels it is imperative to maintain a degree of realism, while still pushing the image towards a discernible level of fantasy, perfection, or truth. He draws from this perspective to create unique, compelling, & effective images for his clients


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Torn Alex Lim